Backbilling & Refund Policy

Over / Under Billing

  • Any utility account found to be under billed or over billed shall be corrected immediately.
  • Accounts found to have been under billed will be back billed for the correct amount.
  • Accounts found to have been over billed will be credited for all amounts.

Payment of Back-Billing

  • Any back billing that exceeds the customer's current ability to pay may be set up on a payment arrangement approved by the Customer Service Supervisor.
  • Although payments may be established, all amounts due will remain on the customer's monthly utility bill. Failure to make any payment as agreed will result in interruption of utility service.

Case By Case Consideration of Errors

  • Each account which is determined to be in error will be reviewed on a case by case basis to consider the cause of the error, the cost of research and correction, the knowledge and/or intent of the customer, the payment history and longevity of the customer, the customer's ability to pay, and any other circumstances that deserve consideration.