Project Highlights

The City’s project page is designed to increase transparency and communication with the community regarding major public projects. Feedback from the community is highly encouraged on all City projects, with key contact information listed on each project page. Do you have general questions, comments, or concerns? Contact Deena Drumgo at or 863-678-4182 ext. 1190.

Projects Currently in Progress

Name Outcome
Lake Wales  Status of Lake Wales Connected Plan Near-term and Near-term to Mid-term Action Steps
Park Avenue Construction of Park Avenue rebuild between SR-17 (Scenic Hwy) and Wetmore St. focusing on two-way functionality and street trees. Market Plaza construction information can also be found here.
Crystal Lake Design of a 12' multiuse trail forming a complete recreational loop around Crystal Lake
US 27 at SR 60  Improvements to the US 27 at SR 60 Interchange in Polk County have begun by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)
CRA Housing Development Monitor the enhancements taking place to residential housing in the Northwest Neighborhood. See the various programs offered by the Lake Wales Community Redevelopment Agency, such as First-time Homebuyer's Down Payment Assistance, Housing Rehabilitation, Legacy Housing for Seniors and Developer Incentives.
NW Neighborhood Plans are in place to increase the safety of pedestrians on designated walking spaces in the Northwest Neighborhood. Residents will be able to commute safely to nearby schools and area parks.