Choosing a Contractor

If you are planning to build a room addition, add a second story, or begin other remodeling on your home, take care to select a qualified person to perform the work. Under state law and local ordinances, any person you hire under contract (verbal or written) to perform construction work must be a licensed contractor.

Certification & License Numbers

The contractor must be either certified by the State of Florida or registered with a competency card from the Municipal Board of Examiners. All printed advertising material such as business cards, newspaper ads, and phone book ads must show the contractor's state licensing number.

Important Things to Remember
  • Beware of alleged contractors who ask to be paid only in cash or ask for large payments up front.
  • Beware of persons offering to perform construction work at a price which seems "too good to be true".
  • Make sure your contractor obtains a permit and posts it on the front of the property.
  • Make sure a "Notice of Commencement" is posted with the permit placard for all jobs over $2,500.
  • Make sure you check with your lending institution prior to filing your "Notice of Commencement".
  • Do not make the final payment until your contractor provides you with copies of lien waivers from his subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Do not make the final payment until all "job finals" are signed on the inspection placard.