The following regulations apply to all persons appointed to City boards, commissions, and committees (in the text below, the term "boards" applies to "boards, commissions and committees"):
  • Members must be legally registered to vote.
  • No one may serve more than 3 consecutive terms on a single board except when:
  • appointed to a partial term that is less than 0.5 of the normal term for that board
  • the city manager waives the requirement for members of regulatory boards where special circumstances warrant extending the appointment
  • when serving on a pension board
  • No 1 may serve on more than 2 boards at the same time, except that:
  • no 1 may serve on more than 1 pension board
  • no 1 serving on a regulatory board may serve on any other board
  • No member of the immediate family of a city commissioner may serve on a city board.
  • No member of the immediate family of a municipal officer (City Manager, City Clerk, or department head) may serve on a board which relates to the area of responsibility of that municipal officer.
  • A member who is absent from 3 consecutive meetings will automatically be dismissed from the board unless the other board members have excused the absence by a motion duly passed and recorded in the official minutes.
  • No board member who is present at a meeting may abstain from voting in regard to any official decision, ruling or other act taken by the membership unless that member is prohibited from voting on a measure which will financially benefit him or his employer. In such cases of voting conflict, the member must file a Memorandum of Voting Conflict (Form 8b) and publicly state the nature of his interest prior to the vote.
  • A board member must file a Statement of Financial Interests for every year in which he serves on a board unless the Florida Commission on Ethics has determined that the board is solely advisory in nature.
  • A member retiring from a board must provide written notice to the City Clerk.
  • A member retiring from a board must return copies of city codes and other official materials to the City Clerk.