Crime Prevention

The Lake Wales Police Department is committed to reducing the occurrence of crime and disorder in our community. Crime prevention is a shared responsibility between the Police Department and the community. As partners, we can effectively combat crime.

To achieve this goal, the Police Department provides many crime prevention services. For more information about the crime prevention programs and services provided by the Police Department, please contact Judi Gladue at 863-678-4223, ext. 260.

10 Things You Can Do To Help Make Your Home Safer
  • Locks: Invest in high-quality, name-brand deadbolt locks for all exterior doors. If you have a double-cylinder deadbolt that is operated by a key both inside and out, keep the key near the door so every family member can find it and exit quickly in case of fire.
  • Doors: If exterior doors are hollow-core, replace them with solid wood, fiberglass or steel. Make sure exterior door hinges are on the inside rather than the outside - where a criminal can remove the pins and pull the door out of the frame. To secure sliding glass doors, add a bolt lock or use a "charley bar" to block the door closed.
  • Trees and Shrubs: Prune overgrown trees and shrubs to eliminate hiding places for criminals.
  • Home Security System: Home security systems are an effective deterrent. Security system decals and signs are also an effective deterrent. Make sure your security system includes a loud inside alarm, detectors at all exterior doors and motion sensors in the master bedroom and main living areas.
  • Outdoor Lighting: Install motion-detecting outdoor floodlights around your home. Remember to mount them high enough to prevent criminals from disabling them.
  • Timers: Use timers to turn lights, televisions and sound systems on and off at different times to give your home a "lived-in look" when you are away.
  • Vacation: When vacationing, leave a car in your driveway or arrange for a neighbor to keep a car there and move it around from time to time. Have someone mow your lawn and rake leaves while you are away.
  • Keys: Criminals may look in a mailbox, under a doormat or above doorways for keys. Do not make it easy for them to enter your home. Do not put your name or address on your key ring, because it may lead a criminal to your residence with key in hand. When having a car parked or serviced, leave only the car keys. If you suspect a previous resident may have keys to your residence, re-key or replace the locks.
  • Etching and Inventory: Use an etching pen to mark an identification number, like your driver license number, on valuables. Make an inventory of valuables in your household and store it somewhere other than your home, such as in a safe deposit box.
  • Report Suspicious Persons or Vehicles: Report all suspicious persons or vehicles to the Lake Wales Police Department by calling 863-678-4223, ext. 1.