Library Vending Machine

You can now check out books and movies at our vending machine, located at the Lake Wales Family Recreation Center. Recreation Center membership is not required to access the vending machine.


Checkout Questions

What do I need to check out a book from the vending machine?

All you need is a Polk County Library Card or a student PLUS account.

What if I don’t have a library card?

Stop by your nearest Polk County Library to sign up for a card or go online and apply.

What if I get a book I don’t want?

Just return the item into the drop box, next to the machine and feel free to checkout a different item.

What if I don’t have my library card on me?

If you don’t have the physical card but know your card number, you can type it in on the keypad next to the machine.

What if I only have a student PLUS account/student ID? 

Students can check out items by entering their student ID number with (must include 5300- or 5301- prefix)

How many items can I check out from the vending machine?

You can check out up to 10 items at a time.

 Book Drop/Returning Question

How do I return items from the vending machine?

You can return the items in the drop box next to the machine, or to any Polk County Library.

How long can I keep items from the vending machine?

Items from the vending machine automatically checkout for three weeks.

Can I only return vending machine books in the drop box?

 No, you can return items from any Polk County Library, unless they are required to be returned in person.

 If an item does not vend the machine is probably updating and will need to be restarted. Please call Lake Wales Public Library at (863) 678-4004 ext. 2316 and we will be out shortly to reset the machine.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call Lake Wales Public Library (863) 678-4004 ext. 2316.